1. Go to the Today Show in New York City
  2. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  3. Take a French class
  4. Go camping
  5. Go to New York Fashion Week
  6. Visit The Plaza Hotel, especially the Eloise room!
  7. Take a boat ride in Central Park
  8. Go to the New York Ballet (again)
  9. Hug a giant Sequoia tree  (8/2015)
  10. Get something published
  11. See the Golden Gate Bridge (8/2015)
  12. Have dinner alone
  13. Go to the movies alone
  14. Buy a gift for someone less fortunate at Christmas (12/2014)
  15. Go back to Cape Cod
  16. Volunteer at a senior citizens home
  17. Attend a coffee tasting
  18. Go kayaking, rafting, or tubing (or all three!)
  19. Read one of my poems at a poetry night
  20. Yoga on the beach
  21. Complete a 5k or half marathon (indecisive on this one)
  22. Go to a spa
  23. Move out (this is a must before thirty!)
  24. Send thank you’s to people who have inspired or helped me
  25. Read more Hemingway
  26. Go to Grand Central Station (1/1/2015)
  27. Spend a day in the MET
  28. Make soup from scratch
  29. Watch a movie outdoors
  30. Go back to London (6/2016)