1. Sherlock on Netflix 
My fifth grade teacher loved (really, really loved) Sherlock Holmes, so he used that character to make his lessons fun. My favorite memory is when he made one of the mysteries come alive! He set up clues and had a friend stand suspiciously in our school courtyard (which probably would never fly these days). We all stared out the windows with our mouths wide open; we couldn’t believe a real mystery was happening at our tiny school! As fifth graders, we were ecstatic! We were learningsherlock and we didn’t even know it. When I saw that Netflix had a Sherlock series, I had to watch. The episodes are long (about an hour and a half), but worth it! The story takes so many twists and turns that it’s nearly impossible to figure out. But, in true Sherlock fashion, it all comes together in the end and you think: “How did I not catch that?!” The best part? The shows follow Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories almost exactly.

2. Sky Scanner
While I love Kayak and Travelocity, they don’t list every airline (especially Southwest- one of my favorites). On skyscanner.com you can see all of the prices at once, rather than flipping between sites!

3. “Henny” by Elizabeth Rose Stanton71y1WC-yztL
Henny is unlike any other chicken…she was born with arms. I came across this book accidentally while I was at the library looking for children’s books to teach plot (more on that another day). I grabbed a few books, only doing a quick flip through to make sure each book was about the same length. When I got home and actually read it, I fell in love! It’s a story about self-esteem in a very subtle way. I definitely recommend it for any age (my sixth graders loved it)!