Insipiration Board

So while Pinterest is great, I don’t always have my laptop open while I’m trying to get ready in the morning. Combining my love of arts and crafts and fashion I created an actual “pinterest board”and hung it right next to my full length mirror in my room. It really helps me on days I can’t seem to put an outfit together.

To make it:
You can use any size of cork board and customize it how you want (or keep it plain). I bought a small square piece from a craft store and painted it white and black.
Whenever I’m finished reading through a magazine, I flip through it and cut out outfits, jewelry and shoes I like, and hang it on my board. I usually do this in one rainy day (its therapeutic for me) but you can do it as you go. I also like to keep up with the seasons, this one has a spring/summer theme but previously I had a fall/winter theme.