Between school, work, and friends it’s hard to find time to cook and that too often means sacrificing eating healthy. However I’ve recently found (and became obsessed with) the vegetable dumplings and Untitledvegetable spring rolls from Whole Foods. I know these aren’t the healthiest option out there but they are better than grabbing a bagel or slice of pizza which I usually opt for when I”m in a hurry. The dumplings are 4.99 and although it says to heat them up I always eat them cold and they are just as good! They also have chicken and pork dumplings for non-vegetarians :).

If I’m feeling really hungry I also grab vegetable spring rolls which are also 4.99 and they come with a delicious and light dipping sauce! Next time you’re in Whole Foods and looking for a quick snack or meal, consider trying these out! The dumplings can be found near the sushi and the spring rolls are where the other quick to-go food is by the drinks.