We were having coffee Friday morning in Mill Valley (innocent enough) when the worst happened- my mom spilled coffee all over my iPhone. I wish I could say that I took it lightly, that I realized immediately that it’s ‘just a phone’, that I didn’t worry about not having it. But that would be a lie. I stuck my phone in a bag of rice and wallowed about it for the rest of the day. I felt lost. What if someone is texting me? How many likes did I get on my Facebook post? What is the weather like in Monterey? How do I get to Monterey?

IMG_3805.JPGAll jokes aside, it was a bad way to start the day, but we did manage to turn things around with a stop at the Golden Gate Lookout. How can anyone be upset while looking at a view like that? It’s impossible. After a long drive and a trip to the Apple Store we didn’t spend too much time getting to know Monterey, but we did get to see a few seals in the bay while enjoying coffee at a cafe on the dock. Pretty cool.

Day 4 was perfect. On our way to Cayucos we stopped in the town of Carmel, which is basically dog paradise. The dog to person ration was probably about 2:1 and every dog looked like they were smiling as they walked along the beach. Before leaving this picturesque town we did the 17-mile drive, a scenic route along the Pacific coastline. I won’t even try to put into words how beautiful this was. We stopped the car at nearly every vista point.
IMG_3835.JPGOur final destination brought more beautiful sights, but of a different kind. We stayed at an Airbnb located on a 1200 acre cattle ranch in the hills of Cayucos, yet only a fifteen minute from the beach and town. We drove up to the ranch on a dirt road and were greeted by three energetic dogs and two horses. Staying on a ranch was one of the best experiences I have ever had and it was exactly what my mom and I needed after The iPhone Tragedy (just kidding…sort of). I took advantage of being in nature and went on a short hike. I stopped midway, took in the rolling hills, and remembered just how small I am compared to the world (it’s good to be reminded sometimes). Later, my mom and I watched the sunset from the comfort of our small cabin and we woke the next morning to the fog sitting in the hills and the dogs wagging their tails, genuinely happy to see us. Out of all the places we stayed so far – we were the saddest to leave here.



Thank you, Airbnb, for an unforgettable stay.