This past Mother’s Day I bought my mom and I tickets to California. I planned a image1mother-daughter road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and today we were finally on our way…with a really early flight. Waking up early was tough, but the airport brought new obstacles. We were at the gate getting ready to board when my mom realized she couldn’t use any of her favorite websites on the flight. “Why can’t I use Youtube on the flight?” (There’s no WiFi), “Can I use HBO GO?” (No), “Can I use Showtime on Demand?” (No), “Netfl…” (NO!). After an attempted explanation as to why we can’t watch Hozier music videos at 30,000 feet in the air, my mom fell asleep before the plane ever left the ground. Let the adventure begin!

Five and a half hours later, we landed in San Francisco. It was love at first sight. We hopped in our rental car and began our journey through San Francisco towards the first destination: Sonoma Valley. “How much do you think it costs to live here?” I questioned aloud, already planning my move. The fog rolling over the mountains, the Spanish style homes, and the sailboats in the bay- it’s all so beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was really here! (Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was especially surreal).

image1 (1)

Halfway through the trip we decided that we needed some Real Food IMG_3603.JPG(fake food = the cookies, donuts, and pretzels we ate on the flight). As if by magic, a right turn appeared that led us to a place called Cornerstone Sonoma. It was as if someone took everything I loved and put it all together in the mountains of Sonoma Valley. Cornerstone Sonoma has stores filled with cute and overpriced home decor, a coffee shop, beautiful gardens, and a cafe with more than one dish containing fresh vegetables. We had a delicious lunch, wandered the gIMG_3614.JPGardens, and then continued our trip to the Airbnb in Glen Ellen. We arrived to find a small but spacious cottage with a lot of character (the owner is an artist!) and a spacious backyard. Staying in a local house, rather than a hotel, takes away from that awful touristy feeling and replaces it with a feeling of belonging. You get to pretend, even if just for a night, that you live in a place much different from your own. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

IMG_3624.JPGDay 1 was a success- a busy morning and relaxing night.

Until next time xx.