nnaa1. Anna and the French Kiss (series) I stumbled upon this book while browsing goodreads recommendations and my first thought was – so cheesy! The name is cheesy, but the rest of the book – I fell in love with it! Stephanie Perkins knows how to create lovable characters. This book is also part of a series, but not in the usual way. The second and third book could be read alone or in any order because they follow a whole new set of characters in an entirely different setting. It’s still a somewhat series because the old, original characters make appearances. I enjoyed all three books, but Anna and the French Kiss is definitely my favorite (I’m even re-reading it – a first for me!).

2.The Meaning of Maggie – Okay, so I haven’t finished this book meaning-of-maggie_9781452110219_normyet and to be really honest, I’m only about half way through, but I can already tell it’s going to be a favorite. I love the voice of the main character, Maggie, who is smart and funny, but in a way that she doesn’t realize. She has big dreams (to become president), she follows her mom’s house rules to a T (she has them all written down), and she can’t understand why her dad’s legs keep falling asleep (she has to be brave, which is not always easy). This book reminds me a lot of Jonathan San Foer’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, which is also a must read.

3. The Girl on the Train –  I don’t usually read thrillers/mysteries, so I’m not sure how I ended up downloading this audio book, but I’m so glad that I did! Besides it being a ne10735688w genre for me, I was also new to audio books (a first all around!). To my surprise, I really liked listening to a book (it was great at the gym) and I was also very lucky because this was the perfect first audio book. The narrators are English and the book is set in London, so listening, rather than reading, took the story to a whole new level. It also involved three different narrators to accompany the three different perspectives in the book. This was a huge plus! I don’t usually like multiple point of view books, but the change in voices really helped me stay on track with who’s who. As for the story itself – it keeps you guessing constantly and you can’t help but love the main character.