IMG_9095.JPGYou know the feeling you get when you wander around a Barnes and Noble? You just want to buy everything…until you look at the price tag. 15-25 dollars for a book is outrageous, especially when there are so many less expensive options out there (I’m looking at you amazon!). Today, I decided to go to a book sale at a local library with the intention of buying a few (keyword: few) books for the classroom. Instead, I walked out with 18 books and six of them were for myself. The best part? All together it only cost me $7.40! That’s 18 books for the price of two cups of coffee. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to turn around and buy more, but the place was packed; it was really awesome to see everyone out buying good old-fashioned books. I will definitely be looking out for more of these sales and if you’ve never been, do some research to find out if a library near you is having one any time soon!

(P.S. You can find the Central Perk mug at Francesca’s!)