After purchasing a First Days of Middle School product from Teachers Pay Teachers, I simplified my classroom expectations to match the ones in the product. I love that it sums up everything important in three short phrases!IMG_4774I’ve placed a whiteboard and markers on top of my bookshelves so that students can recommend books that they like. I started this at the end of last year and the students loved it! The best part is it adds a pop of color to the walls when it’s all filled up!    I got this DIY idea from the Scholastic newsletter. It’s such a fun way to put students into groups. I used the Divergent popsicles on the first week and the students loved it – they were so excited to see which faction they would be in. I will definitely be making more of these throughout the school year.

IMG_4775I have a homeroom this year, so recess rules are a must! I also created a “‘What should I do when I’m finished?’ sign” (classroom journal post coming soon!) for when students ask that all too familiar question. I have become kind of font obsessed ever since I downloaded a pack from KGFonts. A good font makes a boring poster look so much better!  Just as important as the classroom decorations – my planner (aka my best friend for the school year)! I purchased a monogram decal from etsy to add some fun to the solid front. I love the way the navy blue looks against the bright pink!