Month: December 2013


On letting go;

This past year, I finally (finally, finally) let go of someone that was hurting me. A lot of times we choose only to see the best in people, ignoring what really needs to be seen. When you’re ready, you will allow yourself to see it and it might hurt, but a weight will be lifted from your shoulders – that’s letting go.

On friendship;

Life is a constant push and pull, mostly between selfishness and selflessness. It’s all about balance. Once in awhile it’s good to decide to stay in with a good book or your favorite movie, but you also need to be a good friend. That means that sometimes you should go out even if you don’t feel like it, your friends will appreciate it and chances are you’ll end up enjoying yourself.

On having a good time;

Like I mentioned before, go out even if you don’t feel like it – you will have fun. Spend a lot of time with your friends – they are some of your most important relationships. Do something for the sake of it being a good story. Money will, most likely, always be a problem – travel now when you don’t care as much. Indulge in what makes you happy, if you really enjoy ice cream sundaes get a goddamn sundae (but not too often, it takes away from being an indulgence). Do something that scares you. Try new restaurants, converse with people in line for coffee – learn something new, go out for breakfast at midnight. Fuck calories

On being alone;

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn to like being alone. If you can’t spend a day alone with yourself how can you expect anyone else to do the same? Treat yourself to a cup of coffee and sit alone with a book- notice how peaceful it is. Walk around a museum, a bookstore, a shopping mall – notice how nice it is to go at your own pace. There will be times in your life where you have to be alone, if you learn to like it than this will be okay.



Dinner Decor: On a Budget

Every year my close friends and I get together for second Thanksgiving. This year I was hosting. Unlike most of my friends I’m very into decorating; but with babysitting being my only source of income -money is tight. So here is how my on a budget decor turned out, I was pretty pleased 🙂

Mason Jars: Michaels: $1, Pumpkin (real) $3.25, Placemats: The Dollar Store $1 each, Fake pumpkins in vase: The Dollar Store 3 packs for $3, Center bowl: Feed for Target $12,

Vases: found around the house but I’m sure Home Goods has similar, Wine glasses: Kmart $1 each, Mason Jar: (painted myself) Michaels $1, Grass in mason jar: The Dollar Store $1, Silver tray was also found in my house but I saw a fake one at the dollar store 🙂

So I cheated a little because a lot was found around my house, but if you’re looking for decorations, even plates (and you’re not worried about quality at the moment), I definitely suggest looking around at dollar stores. I don’t normally shop there, but I was very surprised by the selection they had and the quality wasn’t horrible. Of course when I have a real job I’ll be looking elsewhere, but on a budget it was perfect!

Good luck 🙂