Month: August 2013

The Cafe in Key West

This past week I went on a short father and daughter road trip to both Miami and Key West. This gave me the chance to try a lot of different (vegetarian) foods of which ill be talking about here! First and foremost I need to tell you all about the meal I 20130810-233746.jpgcan’t get out of my head (because it was so good).
After walking around Key West for hours in the 90 degree heat my dad and I stopped for an early dinnerIMG_0496 in The Cafe. The place was larger than I expected and very nicely decorated with local art on the walls and a chalkboard menu (love!). I was really excited to finally eat somewhere that catered to vegetarians/vegans – being on vacation for about a week at that point I hadn’t been eating too healthy. I ordered edamame as an appetizer and the spinach goyza as an entree, both of which I highly recommend. They give you a large bowl of edamame which is great for large tables but I barely put a dent in it, I felt so bad leaving so much! The goyza dish came with seven dumplings which was the perfect amount! Overall I really enjoyed this place and I would definitely recommend it. My only dislike is that it’s so far from home!