As an avid coffee drinker I noticed my teeth were starting to get a little less than white. About a year ago I purchased the Plus White teeth whitening system, I used it for a bit back then and saw results immediately. Then about a month ago I decided to Imagespurge and try out  Crest Whitening Strips. I’ve seen dozens of commercials and it seems to be most people’s go-to whitening method (maybe I just imagined this because of all the advertising?— Ahh the power of media). However, to my surprise and my wallets relief, I much more prefer Plus White. The Plus White 5 Minute Whitening System retails at most drugstores for about 10.00 and you see results almost immediately. The kit comes with a pre-whitening rinse, a  rubber mouth tray, and the whitening gel and it only takes about three steps (and five minutes) to whiter teeth. Most stores also sell the whitening gel separately so when you run out you don’t have to buy a whole new kit!

If you’re looking into trying this (which I highly recommend you do!) my only advice is to get ready for a little mess; having to sit with a mouth tray in for five minutes can cause a bit of drooling. I’m sorry I didn’t think sooner to do a before and after picture, but best of luck with your teeth whitening endeavors!

What teeth whitening products have you found that work well for you?


xx Cait