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Classroom Decor

I am so excited to show you guys my classroom! I worked hard on it all week, and I’m really happy with the way it came out. If you’re looking for decorations on a budget, I suggest Dollar Tree; they have an entire aisle set aside for teaching supplies! I also found a lot of supplies and decor at The Christmas Tree Shop and in Target’s $1-$3 section (usually located at the entrance).
I’m going to use this board for homework assignments. The placement is perfect because it’s in the students line of vision as they exit the room (no excuses!). I need to hang up the calendar ($12 at Christmas Tree Shop), which I will use for test and quiz dates, assemblies, and days off. The washi tape is from Michael’s, but can probably be found at any craft store.
On the other side of the board I have a place to write the objectives. Don’t you love the tiny bucket for the markers?

I bought a pack of colored paper tape at Target for $6 to categorize the classroom library. Each color corresponds to a different genre. I love how they serve a purpose, but also brighten up the space! If you’re going to use this method, I suggest putting scotch tape over the paper tape to prevent it from falling off throughout the year.

I had these mini bulletin boards around my house, but I painted them for a pop of color. I will be pinning quotes from books on them, as well as my book recommendations for the students.
How great are these posters for only $1?! The one on the left is the writing process and on the right is proofreading reminders. Thank you, Dollar Tree!
I’m really excited about this one! I used pages from my old Lilly planner (yay for recycling)  to create my name. I simply traced each letter on a page in the planner, cut it out, and then laminated them!
My desk is looking pretty empty right now, but I’m sure it will be filled with papers soon. I used command strips to put up the wrapping paper, which I bought at a party supply store.
I purchased the file folders from Target for $5. They each have a different day of the week written on them, so when a student is absent they can easily find what they missed. The welcome board will eventually be used for important notices and articles.

Where is your favorite place to shop for school supplies/decor?




Dinner Decor: On a Budget

Every year my close friends and I get together for second Thanksgiving. This year I was hosting. Unlike most of my friends I’m very into decorating; but with babysitting being my only source of income -money is tight. So here is how my on a budget decor turned out, I was pretty pleased 🙂

Mason Jars: Michaels: $1, Pumpkin (real) $3.25, Placemats: The Dollar Store $1 each, Fake pumpkins in vase: The Dollar Store 3 packs for $3, Center bowl: Feed for Target $12,

Vases: found around the house but I’m sure Home Goods has similar, Wine glasses: Kmart $1 each, Mason Jar: (painted myself) Michaels $1, Grass in mason jar: The Dollar Store $1, Silver tray was also found in my house but I saw a fake one at the dollar store 🙂

So I cheated a little because a lot was found around my house, but if you’re looking for decorations, even plates (and you’re not worried about quality at the moment), I definitely suggest looking around at dollar stores. I don’t normally shop there, but I was very surprised by the selection they had and the quality wasn’t horrible. Of course when I have a real job I’ll be looking elsewhere, but on a budget it was perfect!

Good luck 🙂




Insipiration Board

Insipiration Board

So while Pinterest is great, I don’t always have my laptop open while I’m trying to get ready in the morning. Combining my love of arts and crafts and fashion I created an actual “pinterest board”and hung it right next to my full length mirror in my room. It really helps me on days I can’t seem to put an outfit together.

To make it:
You can use any size of cork board and customize it how you want (or keep it plain). I bought a small square piece from a craft store and painted it white and black.
Whenever I’m finished reading through a magazine, I flip through it and cut out outfits, jewelry and shoes I like, and hang it on my board. I usually do this in one rainy day (its therapeutic for me) but you can do it as you go. I also like to keep up with the seasons, this one has a spring/summer theme but previously I had a fall/winter theme.